Premium Smoking Accessory Stash Box

$250 VALUE!

Keep all your smoking gear safe and in one place with the sleek all-in-one High Hutch Luxury Smoking Accessories Box. This handy kit contains all the high-quality tools you need to make your smoking experience an efficient and elegant one

Included is a matte black bamboo rolling tray that’s conveniently magnetized to the lid of the stash box. There’s a scraper magnetized on the tray for secure and safe storage. 

Once opened you find the “crown jewel” of this exquisite set, a High Hutch 4-piece aluminum grinder  that features a large catch for maximum flower hold. The grinder’s magnetic lid eliminates spillage and keeps your herb secure. The grinder made of anodized aluminum features a stainless steel mesh pollen collector and comes with a scraper for pollen collection. The perfect gripped design allows for effortless grinding. Simply the best hand grinder you have ever owned!

The included rolling tray that doubles as an ashtray is printed with the High Hutch logo to match the accessories.

You can use the matte black bamboo one-hitter and matching dugout with the aluminum taster bat when you want to smoke on the go. 

Use the aluminum black pollen press to easily and efficiently press and preserve your saved pollen into conveniently sized pucks. 

The High Hutch box kit also comes with two smell-proof UV glass stash jars that lock in odours and keep your stash fresh. When you’re not using the High Hutch kit, keep all your items secure using the included matte black padlock and two keys. 

All the items are packed securely in a black padded insert to prevent damage and keep your gear organized. 

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